Pit Fired Vase – Aug 2022 Fire – Piece 1 of 3


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This vase is created from Australian white stoneware, and hand burnished (polished) before firing to create a satin smooth surface without the use of glaze.

Dimensions are 22cm height, and around 13cm width at the shoulder (the widest point).

Organic materials used in the fire around this piece are copper, seaweed and sea salt.

Only three pieces were made in the fire in August 2022. No more pit fired pieces will be made until Mid 2023. This listing is for piece 1 of 3. You can use the category listing to check if the others are available.

General Information about these pieces:

Pit firing uses the 30,000 year old method of firing the pots in a large open fire over 2 days. These are not glazed and kiln fired; instead the end product is organic and slightly porous.

The colours on the pots come entirely from organic materials that are placed around the pot as it fires. These include seaweed, which provides a variety of different minerals and is different in every piece. Through this process, each piece is entirely a one-off, and can never  be replicated.

The pots are sealed with either a beeswax polish, or sometimes left matt. This makes it durable to handle and pick up , but they can not be used to hold liquids.


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